black seed oil

23 Amazing Benefits of Consuming Black Seed Oil

Everyone’s looking for the next great way to improve their health. You’ve tried multivitamins, essential oils, and all those multi-level marketing health products. Chances are that you’re overlooking a natural option with tons of benefits: black seed oil. You may have heard black seed called by many names, like kalonji, black cumin, black caraway, or black onion […]

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black seed oil for bacterial infection

Black seed oil for bacterial infection

In 1997, researchers at the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh conducted a study into black seed oil and its antibacterial effects. They compared the antibacterial effects of black seed oil for bacterial infection. It was compared to five different well-known antibiotics. The antibiotics studied with black seed oil were as follows: Nalidixic […]

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black seed quotes

Black seed quotes

What has been famously said about black cumin seed People over the ages have had a lot to say about black seed and black seed oil as a cure-all and its uses in natural medicine. When it comes to black seed quotes, perhaps the most famous comes from the prophet Mohammed, who is said (as quoted […]

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