types of black seed oil

Types of black seed oil

When using black seed oil as a natural health treatment, whether for preventive measures or for fighting chronic diseases, it’s important to know what types of black seed oil are on the market and what to look for.

Not all black seed oils are the same. They come from different regions of the world, have slightly different properties and price points. They also have slightly different looks and tastes.

Types of black seed oil

The different types of black seed oil speak to the different seeds that are used in their production. Black seeds are harvested from the Nigella Sativa plant that grow in south and southwestern parts of Asia and the Middle East.

Based on where the seeds come from, the color and taste of the black seed oil will vary slightly. For instance, Egyptian black seed oil tends to have a gentler flavor. Turkish black seed oil or Indian black seed oil can be slightly more pungent.

Any black seed oil you buy should have a light to amber oil color and a moderate viscosity (similar to olive oil).  The name “black seed oil” might suggest that the oil should have a black tinge to it. If you purchase an oil that looks black or red a coloring agent or a solvent (like hexane) has been added. Avoid these oils.

How to choose between types of black seed oil to buy

Many health experts say that the authentic oil comes from Egypt. Though, if you purchase an oil what’s most important is that it has the following promises:

  • Non-GMO
  • 100% pure
  • Organic

The oil you buy should also be be cold pressed. What that means is, after carefully washing the seeds that have been picked from the pod of the Nigella Sativa plant, the seeds are pressed through a machine to extract the oil.

The use of a cold press is important because it means the oil is not heated so it maintains all its natural nutrients.

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